Our Bali Holiday 

Hello there stranger! I say this too myself since it’s been so long since I last blogged.. but I must say, I did pick a good time to return so I can tell you all about our recent trip to Bali.

This trip was our first overseas trip together; child-free and newly engaged. We decided to embark on this trip as a duo to celebrate our engagement instead of having a engagement party here in Aus. We figured we are already gonna spend enough money on our friends and family on our wedding day so those buggers ain’t getting a double dip 😏 (engagement/wedding party prices are insane!! However that rant can wait for another post).

Anxious and excited we egerily boarded our 6hr red-eye flight from Brisbane; in which Josh ran ahead of me to claim MY window seat… 😒 YES, he’s that guy that has to always have the window seat. Meanwhile I was seated next to a guy that was boarderline psycho! I am already a bit of a nervous flyer and had to be put next to a man that was talking to himself and continually checking the flight plan….anxiety levels were through the roof!! Neverless we touched down in Bali safe and sound with only minor turbulence.

After a long wait through customs we were finally on our way to the hotel, Mecure Legian. Weary from our travels we decided we would get a good nights sleep and start our venturing the next day.

Morning came and we awoke to a beautiful day! 

We were soaking up the sunshine and embracing the sand between our toes. Bali really turned itself on and we were loving it! “Aaaahhhh!” So this is what holidaying feels like 👌🏼

We spent the day getting lost in the never ending alley ways, sipping on bintangs and bartering with the local shops.

We visited all the well known hotspots of Bali with our favourite being Potato Head and Poppies. It was nothing but sun, cocktails and Nasi Goreng. Bliss.

If the first day wasn’t eventful enough the following day we really put our little tourist hats on. What was on the agenda? Temples, monkey forests, rice fields and waterfalls. With a couple of sore heads we were up bright and early with our personal driver Tommy, for the day.

This day was by far my personal highlight. I have been to Bali once before but never experienced the beautiful scenery this country has to offer. Everything was so green! And although it’s a very highly populated destination it still had a feeling of being untouched.

Our first stop was the Monkey Forest in Ubud. Excited, we pulled up, bought our tickets and made our way through the entrance. Reading the information pamphlet I was looking forward to seeing some of the “600 monkey residents” that called this forest home.

After about 5mins in the forest I decided this place was actually terrifying! I soon found myself surrounded by trees of monkeys; jumping at every little movement. Sure, they looked cute from a distance but when they are darting here, swinging there and jumping everywhere around you, you suddenly feel you could be the next thing they want to land on! I told myself … “just don’t make eye contact”. Josh of course found this rather amusing; watching me scampering through the pathways trying to ‘dodge’ every monkey in my path whilst making these rather embarrassing squealing noises as I went along 😬

This photo makes me laugh! 😂  This is me getting ‘close’ to the monkeys. Careful; these guys were about to pounce!

All in all it was really fun. I feel like you can’t go to Bali and not experience the monkey forest… no matter how terrifying.

Our next stop was the temples. Yes more temples however these ones weren’t over run by monkeys. To enter you were required to wear a sarong to cover up. A respect thing I assume.

Josh: “Do you think this sarong looks more manly?”

Again, everything was so green and peaceful. Just listening to all the little bugs as we made our way through was very relaxing 👌🏼

By this stage we were so beat! We had pretty much walked the whole of Bali. We stopped for lunch in the rice fields which was absolutely stunning!

Our trip was going great! We were having such a nice time being in each other’s company but we were both missing our little man so much! We decided that day we would never do another holiday without him. We just always had that feeling that something was missing.

The next few days we shopped, surfed, got completely toasted in the sun and had more.. you guessed it; cocktails 🍹 aside from Josh coming down with a horrible case of Bali Belly the trip was fantastic! I guess it’s not the whole Bali experience unless you get Bali belly. *fuck you iceberg lettuce*

We got back home yesterday… relaxed, exhausted and a little lighter (thanks Bali belly) and soooooo happy to have Ryder back in our arms.

Next holiday this little cutie is definitely coming with us!


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When you find yourself in the middle of a sleep regression


Ryder:  “Wa… Wa … Ah… Ahhhhh…. WAHHHHHHHHHH”!!!

Me: “Meh.. argh.” Gets up … checks phone … 1:30am. 😴

Ryder: “Wahh … Wawa … Waaa … WAHHHHHHHHHH”!!!

Me: “Meh… argh… aaughhh.” Gets up … checks phone … 4am. 😑


Me: “Argggghhhhhhhhhhhh …. no!!! …… Gets up… checks phone …. 4:20am. 😤


Me: *pulls blanket over head* “noooo!!!… really?!…. arghhhhhh” Gets up… checks phone…. 4:45am. 😫


Me: “…….. FINE”!!!!! Rips blanket off. Gets up … checks phone… 5am. 😳🔫


While most of you are waking up either by the sound of your phone alarm, or perhaps the sweet playful sounds of little birds chirping on your windowsill; this is how i’ve been waking up. Every. Day….. for the past week.

Yes, there is a reason why I have been walking around with unsightly bags under my eyes lately; and no its not just because i’ve ran out of concealer…

They call it the ‘four month old sleep regression’. I call it the daily punch in the face.

So apparently when your little babe hits the four month old mark their sleep patterns begin to change and become more like an adult’s. Previous to 4 months, when your baby would fall asleep they enter into whats called non-REM sleep almost immediately. Non-REM sleep is a deeper phase of sleep. So here I was thinking I was this magical sleep ninja who could put Ryder to sleep in under 5mins flat, when in reality it wasn’t at all thanks to my well choreographed bop-bop-gig. Now as Ryder’s sleep becomes more ‘adult-like’ this transition into deep non-REM sleep is not immediate and instead he enters into a lighter stage of non-REM first.

Are you with me? No? …. Ok

In other words he’s a cruel nasty little lier who pretends he’s a sleep and just as I lean over the cot to place him down ever-so gently….POP! He’s is up, wide awake, and ready to go. Then the process of helping him to fall asleep is repeated again and again, only causing him to become overtired. Its a sick joke I know.

And if you think this is just our night-time ordeal think again … this bastard formerly known as the ‘sleep regression’ has decided to even target day-time naps. Thats right … this bastard has pretty much shown up on my door step and decided to take up residency on my couch.

My coffee intake has climbed dramatically and I have successful managed to finished off a whole stick of concealer in record time. I’m telling you folks, its not looking good.

What do the experts say? ….. Just wait it out and pray to God its just a quick phase.

Great. Thats promising 🙄

So if you need me ill be in the corner staring blankly at the ….


 😳 😳 😳

He’s awake. And so it continues.


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Too early for a child-free holiday?

Is it too early for a child-free holiday?

This is the question I find myself asking after I pressed the confirm button for our Bali holiday on the computer screen. A question asked a little too late perhaps since the confirmation email has already hit my inbox. Opps!

Josh and I are booked to go on our first overseas holiday together for five nights in October. Ryder will be just over 7 months old. I imagine this would be Ryder’s facial expression if he knew we were jet-setting without him ⬇ 😂


We will be celebrating our recent engagement and also our 2 year anniversary. Good way to hit two birds with one stone.

 Sure, Ryder could have come seeing as Bali is known to be a ‘family destination’, but between feeding schedules and nap times I just couldn’t see it working out … I mean where was I meant to fit in happy hour into that mix? For some reason I couldn’t picture myself swimming up to the in-pool cocktail bar with a 7 month old attached to my hip asking for a Piña Colada. And so, I made the executive decision to embark on a child-free holiday. Of course most people are shocked to hear that I don’t want to take my baby on my holiday. But c’mon people, we are celebrating our anniversary and theres not much space in my suitcase for both lingerie and formula.  This mama is planning on bringin sexy back!

(And no, this is not making of Ryder #2)

One thing I have noticed since becoming a parent is you don’t share those close imitate moments with your partner like you used too. All our energy and time is put into Ryder that I forget to put any time into our own relationship. So having 5 nights for just the two of us will be exactly what the doctor ordered.

And so I think I can confidently answer my own question:

Is it too early for a child-free holiday?

Fuck no 🙂


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The Great Debate


It’s possibly the most talked about topic amongst mums; well actually it seems complete strangers feel the need to ask and offer their input in regards to this particular debate.

Breastfeeding vs Formula feeding.

(I think Ryder’s face ⬆ is completely suitable for that caption)

I can hear a few “ahhh yes’s” out there and I’m sure there is some eye rolling going on. Who knew the topic of what we feed our bub’s could be such a touchy subject. But unfortunately it is.

I can pretty much say with confidence that if your a mum you have been asked that awkward question – “so are you breastfeeding or formula feeding?”. And the reason why I say its an ‘awkward’ question is because of the reaction you get if you say you are formula feeding. Yes I am personally breastfeeding, however I wanted to test this theory so when the lady behind me in the Kmart check out line asked me the question, I thought it would be interesting to see the response if I said I was formula feeding. The reaction I got from this complete strangers face was a mix of disappointment, anger, pity and disgust. But don’t be fooled to thinking if you are breastfeeding your safe from these less than impressed reactions. Often the question that follows is “how long do you plan to breastfeed?” – God forbid you say less than 6 months 🙄

 I just don’t understand why people (mainly females) feel the need to even ask the question to begin with. Seriously who the fuck cares. If you see a healthy looking baby, with fat little cheeks; why would someone then go on to shaming if indeed that baby was formula fed? If your baby is thriving then why would there ever be the need to shame another mum? Besides it being no one else’s business what you are feeding your child it is an incredibly personal question to ask someone especially from a stranger. I was even being asked when I was pregnant what I was planning on doing!

So now that Ryder and I have been experimenting with mix feeding, I can’t wait to see the reactions on that one! I guess no matter what you can’t really win on this debate, no matter what side your on.

My reason for wanting to mix feed is so that its a smooth transition for Ryder once he hits 6 months. And also to have a little more freedom (oh how selfish of me!). I would rather him get used to the taste and figure out what he likes over time then it be an experience we both don’t enjoy because it was too rushed i.e. cutting out too many feeds too fast.

Ive done my research and read countless pages of reviews and turns out Aldi’s formula is what has come out on top. I was surprised too! Its Australian made and offers the same if not more nutritional value then the big name brands – plus its only $14 a tub. So far Ryder has really enjoyed it. He’s guzzled down the bottles Ive given him despite the funny look he gives when he first tastes it. He’s burping afterwards, and has had regular poo’s and wee’s so it seems to be going quite well.

God he’s a little dreamboat 😍

Interesting though – When I have given him the bottle I must admit I did have passing feelings of sadness knowing that eventually we will stop breastfeeding entirely and that soon anyone can feed him and I won’t have that thing that only I can do for him. Its funny to have those feelings when only a few posts back I was writing how I felt strange about the whole breastfeeding concept.

Interesting isn’t it – in the short time that this little person has been here, he has already had such a impact on my thoughts, views and goals.


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Hello from the other side

Hello from the other side.

Thats how motherhood can feel at times. Like your in a whole different time zone.

Its been a while since I last blogged. Who knew being a mum could be a busier job then a regular 9 -5. Ryder is 10 weeks old and thriving. He’s breaking the scales at a whopping 6.2kgs and has got himself a cute little double-chin. Nothing cuter than a baby with fat little cheeks.

So a few updates (with photos) from the other side …

Ryder has had his first sleep overs at Geema’s (my mum) and Nanna’s (Josh’s mum) house. Yes, I’ve already left my 10 week old baby twice 🙄 And of course, being the overly organised and slightly controlling mum that I am, left them both written instructions on a ‘how to’ guide to Ryder. Feed times, bed schedule, do’s and don’t’s and then some. I’m sure they were both rolling their eyes on the inside; but they both nodded their heads in agreement and even put the notes up on the fridge. Hey, Im willing to look like a psycho mum for peace of mind any day.

Josh and I have had our first couple of nights out on the town which I can proudly say has not been accompanied by a hangover; for me at least. To be honest Im still petrified of the thought of mixing a baby with a hangover. That’s one cocktail I haven’t been to game to try just yet. But Goddddd it was nice to sit back with friends and have a drink. To get dressed up and not smell of baby vomit and to have a simple adult conversation even if it was about Home and Away. But word to the wise – if your breastfeeding and going out bring a bag that is big enough to fit your breast pump in. Or you will find yourself like me – on your knees, with your tits over the public toilet seat, milking yourself. Thats right milking yourself. It was as every bit disturbing as it sounds. So remember, pack your breast pump not your lipgloss.

IMG_7440  IMG_7443


IMG_7758  IMG_7743

What else is news… hmmm. Oh yeah thats right, I GOT ENAGED! That’s right I got asked the one question every girl is waiting to hear. Rose petals scattered, candles lit, one knee bent with the ring in one hand and Ryder in the other, I finally got to hear those words … Will you marry me? I was so shocked I burst into tears. I was crying so much I forgot to say yes haha. It was beautiful.

This photo was taken within minutes of saying yes …


Would you just look at that rock! The man did well 😏

So I think its fair to say a lot has happened since we last caught up. I promise I won’t let it go that far between our catch ups again. Besides it’s to hard to some up all these events into one paragraph!

Whats coming up? Well we have engagement parties to attend, and an engagement party to plan, Ryder has his 4 month immunisation shots ahead and we are going to start formula supplementing. So stay tuned!


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My First Mother’s Day


IMG_7264                IMG_7270

I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day yesterday and boy did I get spoilt. My boys went above and beyond to make my day special.

My day started at 5am. Josh, bless his soul, had my presents at the end of the bed and had Ryder changed and all ready for his feed. I was treated to a cooked breakfast (which is a treat since I’m the cook of the house so it was nice to not be in the kitchen) and a big bunch of flowers. Oh and my presents were a a gorgeous Mimco wallet and a digital photo frame; Yep Papa did well.

It didn’t stop after breakfast either! Josh had a beautiful picnic planned and packed all my favourite things; wine, chocolate, cheese, crackers and fruit. He popped us up on a little patch of grass next to the creek, laid out the picnic blanket and matching umbrella and carefully arranged all the tasty treats that I was eagerly awaiting to inhale. It was one of the moments when I just sat back and said to myself “What a man; you did well Meah, you did well”.

IMG_7350      IMG_7313

IMG_7333  IMG_7267


Even though I’ve only been a mum for 7 weeks; Mother’s Day already has a whole new meaning. I now understand the love that my own mother feels for me because its the same love I feel for Ryder. I now understand what real ‘unconditional love’ is and what it truely means. The love a mother has for her child is indescribable and a feeling that I never knew could exist.

Yesterday I made Ryder a promise. I promised him that I will always love him, support him and be the best mum I can be for as long as I walk this earth. I will remind him of this promise every Mother’s Day.

My Mother’s Day Promise.


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The Four Week Spurt

The four week spurt has reared its ugly head. Not referring to Ryder’s head, of course; he’s got such a gorgeous little head on him. But no, the four week growth spurt that is …

A growth spurt can last anywhere from a few days to a week. In this time your little sweet cheeks cherub suddenly turns into some sort of demon baby who you swear must have been dropped off by satan himself. I’m sure yesterday was the beginning of Ryder’s first spurt. Ryder didn’t sleep at all from 11am – till about 9pm. Thats ten hours of crying, fussing and wailing. My eardrums were almost throbbing by the end of the night. On top of all that for some reason when a baby goes through a growth spurt they get incredibly clingy and just want to be on you all the time. Which I mean sure, I love cuddles just as much as the next mum but c’mon, ten hours on constant contact will make even the cluckiest person wanna slam their head against a brick wall.  You should have seen me trying to eat my lunch! I would have given the juggling circus clowns a run for their money. A mums ability to multitask is quite impressive.

By the time Josh walked through the door at 5pm I literally lopped Ryder onto him and ran to the other end of the house. Almost like a “tag, your it” type of scenario except I was calling no backsies. Poor little sod, he was so exhausted. And so was I. Exhausted and sour.

Ryder is certainly starting to show more of his little personality though which is really cool. He likes to mimic us and he smiles a lot more … unless thats just gas 🤔 But its certainly nice to have a little bit more interaction with him.

(haha the look on his face on the left photo 😂 probably annoyed I’m taking yet another selfie).


13043650_1602917663359271_6810145505138343309_n     13012630_1602917660025938_9157742119396162152_n

So wish me luck for the next few days. Fingers crossed I make it out alive!


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Operation Yummy Mummy

Operation Yummy Mummy is about to commence.

I got the all clear from my midwife to go back to the gym. Yay! Finally I can go back and work on building some muscle back up. Its amazing how much tone you lose and how quickly you lose it. I stopped going to the gym at 36 weeks pregnant and just stuck to walking. By that stage I felt like the size of a house and just tying my shoes was an enough let along trying to pull up at the squat rack.

I did my first session yesterday and now I can’t feel my legs. Like literally can’t feel my legs.

I kept it light with some walking lunges, squats, step ups and dead lifts with 5kg weights since I’m being safe and easing back into it. Just doing that has made me cringe today every time I’ve had to walk up our stairs at home. Literally can’t feel my legs.

Its going to take a while to build up my fitness and strength again, but that’s ok I am ready to work hard since I need to trade in my pancake butt for some nice round apples. Woo, big booty bitches!

Although I eat pretty healthy I wanted to change up my diet as well since nutrition is a major part of any fitness routine. Apparently abs are made in the kitchen. But since I’m breastfeeding as well I wanted to find a diet/nutrition plan that would not effect my milk supply. So off I went on yet another one of my google searches and found a program called Alpha Babe Academy .

Alpha Babe Academy uses the method of channeling macronutrients to not only affectively strip body fat but also build muscle. Macronutrients is simply the combination of carbs, protein and fat and the importance of each one in your diet. Macronutrients are the substances in food that your body needs in the greatest quantities. The macronutrients supply your body with energy, promote metabolism and help ensure that your body functions properly. I have seen a lot of people on Instagram and Facebook have huge success when using this method so I thought I would give it a try.

So they have set me up on a 3 month challenge with a diet plan tailored to me. They have taken my measurements and before photos, so I’m all set; and after my food shop / pantry makeover I am ready to kick ass tomorrow.

(Seriously need to clean my pantry more often. I found too many things that expired in 2013 😳)


So my lovely blog readers watch this space! Ill be tracking my process and sharing it with you. Yep, I said it, now I am accountable to all of you.

Ive put a link to the Alfa Babe Facebook page below. Check them out. I just contacted them via messenger and found them to be super helpful. I told them exactly what I wanted to achieve and they got to work on a diet for me straight away!

Remember, bikini bodies are made in winter 😉

Alpha Babe Academy



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Its wine time!!

IMG_6903 Photo caption: Its wine time!!!

While some would look at this picture and see something entirely different when I look at this picture my first thought is of me, sitting in a fabulous tapas lounge with a extremely large glass of Pinot Noir.

Repeat: Its wine time!!!

This photo means my boobies and I are free to roam the many upcoming soirées without having to rush back to Captain Stink Butt to feed. I don’t know who is more excited, me or my nipples. Josh and I had been trialling bottle feeds for the past week with not much success. Apparently Ryder wasn’t a fan of the bottle we were using (sorry dude). He would kick and cry, arch his back and squirm around every time Josh would put the bottle near him. His little face would turn red and I could just hear him saying “That’s not a real nipple, that’s not my boobie. Get that shit away from me”! We were using the Medela bottles for your reference. I just assumed it would always be hard from the stories others had told me and that you just had to show a little tough love so that one day  bub would just learn to like bottle feeding. “Persistence is key” is what I kept saying. I was prepared to be persistent, Josh and I were on the clock; we have less than one month until our first big outing (the Gold Coast BMW Ball – so excited) so there is no time to lose if I want to take my boobies out on the town. One week into bottle feeding and I didn’t like our chances of being able to put my heels on and enjoy that extremely large glass of Pinot. Lucky for me I enjoy researching. After reading countless reviews and product descriptions I found a bottle that was going to grant me my wine drinking freedom! Its called the Mimijumi and its my new best friend.

It has a life-like nipple that is soft and bendy with a flow rate that mimics the breast. It is designed for fussy babies that refuse bottles. Well there is a reason this is voted the number one bottle on the market! Ryder latched on straight away with no fussing or kicking and managed to drink the whole thing. It was a proud moment as I stood there watching my little stink butt drink the whole bottle like a really big boy.

So the plan now is to give him a bottle a day to get him used to co-feeding. Ill be expressing more and more so that eventually it is equivalent to a full feed.

As we speak, we have just done our nightly routine. Josh has bathed, fed and put Ryder to bed while I cooked us dinner. We actually got to eat our dinner hot tonight! Woo! We are killing it. Go Team!


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Bassinet to Cot Transition


Just got home from a morning walk with Ryder. He’s now down for a nap while I enjoy a post workout smoothie. Last night Ryder slept for a 5hr stretch, woohoo! Although that doesn’t mean that I did. I kept waking up every time he would make a sound. Whoever came up with the term ‘sleep like a baby’ obviously didn’t ever sleep next to a newborn. They are so loud! They squeak and wheeze, snort and gasp and make sounds like they are choking. I used to be a heavy sleeper but since becoming a mum I wake at the slightest murmur. However, now that he’s nearly 3 weeks old (omg I know!!) I’ve become quiet good at deciphering his little sounds and know when everything is ok or when he’s telling me his bum is sticky and needs attention quick!

I must say I am feeling a lot more relaxed with motherhood and feel like I’m getting into some sort of groove now. When we first came home I was a wreck. I was so nervous and anxious. Apparently it takes 21 days to create a habit; I guess I’ve become somewhat accustomed to having a newborn habit. So much so that I am almost ready to move Ryder into his own room. When he is one month old we will do the big switch from bassinet to cot. Eeekk, the first big step. I think it will be a good move though. That way mum and dad can get some more substantial sleep (or so we hope). I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t let them sleep in their own room until six months old but there is just no way that is gonna fit in with us. We have a baby monitor and the room isn’t too far away from ours so thats my reasoning. Will keep you posted on how the bassinet to cot transition goes.

In other news my little bug has put on 255 grams in one week. He’s workin’ on growin’ that booty. Well done little man! We are also going to be working on expressing and bottle feeding him too since we have so many social events coming up this year it will be nice to be out and let my hair down. That’s if he takes the bottle. Oh God pleaseeee take the bottle! Im missing my Pinot Noir too much.

To be continued…



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